Data Distribution with Boatstream

Boatstream is the fastest, most convenient and cost effective way for the boat trade to advertise boats for sale across the web.

Boatstream is a gateway that enables you to easily distribute boats to multiple websites. It saves time and money by replacing the need for multiple data entry with a single listing. Boatstream is not an online advertising venue.

Simply enter your boat details once in to the BoatWizard database. We will then send them to the global and local advertising venues of your choice.

How it works

Because Boatstream already has extensive partnerships with international and local online advertising portals, it can ensure your boat details instantly appear on the busiest and most popular websites across Europe.

Simply subscribe to the service, enter your boat details just once and then access all your favourite sites.

We will ensure that the data distributed to participating sites is clean, and that it meets with their criteria for data import.

Our members will continue to benefit from all the functionality currently available through media websites. In addition if you'd like advice on how to maximise your web advertising strategies we are happy to help.

We are respectful of the relationships media websites have with their clients. If you'd like to maintain your existing direct relationship with your online advertising sales contact then that's fine with us.

Our service has been created as a result of listening and responding to the needs of the yachting and boating fraternity.

Find out more and speak to one of our custom site specialists today.